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MMMDungeon App: Exploration Team Scarf by Raixin MMMDungeon App: Exploration Team Scarf by Raixin
Haha- Trying to get in this group :iconmmmdungeon: with a Jerk and a Crybaby :iconsawbplz: Revamped it-

Team Name:
Team Scarf
Faction: Exploration team
Current Rank: New
Dorm: Blue Shanty

Name: Tsuneo and Yuki
Gender: Both Male
Tsuneo: Gastly
Yuki: Spheal
Tsuneo :Levitate: Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect on this Pokémon. Cannot be trapped by Arena Trap ability. Takes no damage from Spikes.
Yuki: Thick Fat: Fire and Ice-type moves deal 50% damage.

Tsuneo: Night shade| Hypnosis |Sucker punch| Confuse Ray

Yuki: Water gun |Aurora beam | body slam | Defense curl


Tsuneo has a proud gesture. Always looking into other people's eyes and never breaking the eye contact. You will barely ever see him without a smile/ grin on his face, if you do you know he's in a horrible mood.


Yuki appears often in a polite gesture. He tries hard to keep eye contact without giving in. His face is mostly covered with a kind smile also he speaks in a polite manner, which gives unsureness of himself off in his voice.

Proud | Cocky | stubborn | Yandere | Jerk like | Likes to annoy Yuki | protective | possessive

Tsuneo is what people usually call a jerk. He loves to play tricks on the people around him, scaring them and just make fun of them. You can see him just hiding himself in his gastly form then randomly appearing behind you saying "Boo~". Despite his love for teasing people, he can be quite protective if not even possessive as soon as he knows you. Always wanting to know where you go and with who you exactly are hanging out with, it's just his way of showing his care for you. Also Tsuneo can be quite stubborn, he simply cannot admit that he is wrong no matter what the situation is.
You could basically slap the proof into his face but he wouldn't admit him being wrong. Most likely he will ignore you for the next hours and then just be back to his cocky self.
He also has a deep love to rare things, he loves to collect any kind of rare items and such, so even if you would want a part of it he would plainly not let you. This also started his interest for exploration teams.

he easily gets upset about things | Crybaby | quite clingy if he likes you | cries alot | kind | tries to act tough but fails to

Yuki is that kind of person, who feels easily upsetted with things that happen to him or around him. Even the tiniest noises can make him jump and make him throw a water gun at you. In almost every uncomfortable situation Yuki will start crying simply because he cannot take the pressure. He does try to improve himself though, through practicing speaking in secret. His wish is to become a tougher person who is be able to protect himself and others.
As soon he likes you and accepts you as a friend, Yuki can be quite clingy. He doesn't like letting go of you but will also try to read your wishes from your eyes.
Due to his kindness he will try to fullfill every wish of yours, even if that would lead to him pushing himself to his limits (and end up crying if he wouldn't be able to fullfill the wish).


Tsuneo has wisps surrounding him
Those wisps can grab things around him without himself using his hands.
Like this he can attack his enemies without getting involved into physic combat.
Alltough he only uses them for far away combat.

Yuki can turn one object into water which is located near him. This only works for max. 1 Minute so he would have to hurry. It's mainly self defense unless the water is very effective against his opponent (Fire, stone, ground). If that's the case he would throw this water ball at them (Which is kind of similiar to throwing a snow ball at a person). The ball is never bigger then the size of an orange and after this 1 Minute it plainly returns to it's original state. When it's only self defense he throws the weak ball at their faces so they are distracted enough for him to run away. This would cause no damage though

One day Yuki wandered around in a forest, searching for a place to be away from people and also so he could practice speaking. He started to practice his way infront of people lately simply so nobody would try to mess with him like they always use to. He wanted to change his image of the "Crybaby" which people seem to have pushed on him. So as he walked into the forest he lost his orientation, seeing that he has no sense of how to orientated himself he thought he took a map with him as always, which he seemed to have forgotten on this very day. Slowly his tears started running as he wandered around aimlessly inside of the forest trying to find his way back. A Gastly noticed the poor Spheal, smirking to himself. He decided he would scare this fellow Pokemon out of pure fun.
He started to fly around him making the branches rustle, while he made ghostly sounds. Yuki, who was scared for sure now just closed his eyes hoping it would be over soon. "Don't hurt me please!", he shouted into the night.
Deciding that he should show himself, clearly enjoying the effect he has on the little male spheal, the ghastly appeared infront him.
"'sup?", the ghastly says making the spheal jump in surprise. "Eek!", he screeched while he rolled against a tree then spitting a water gun into Gastly's face.
Completely wet Tsuneo looked blankly at Yuki, before he started laughing. "Well you seem to have ... abit guts atleast."
Embarassed the spheal looked to the side. "Hmpf."
Tsuneo looked at him before flying around him in circles. "I'm Tsuneo, you crybaby~." Yuki looked up to him getting dizzy from his eyes following Tsuneo. "I-i'm Yuki...", he managed to stutter out.

Despite them being like Day and night, they started to hang out more. Seeing that Tsuneo always tries to scare Yuki, while Yuki takes this chance to improve himself into being less scared.

Tsuneo wanted to start an exploration team, to find money and rare items, so he forced Yuki into doing one with him. Seeing that Yuki was too kind to decline he just decided to go with it
Lets be honest here, poor, poor Yuki.

Other Information: 

Loves his Scarf
Loves to tease Yuki until he cries
If you see him without a smile on his face, run for your life.

Loves his Scarf
Likes cute things
Loves to swim around.

Inventory: -empty-
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