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Rabbit-Doubt : App Souta Yuuma by Raixin Rabbit-Doubt : App Souta Yuuma by Raixin
//EDIT OMG THANK YOU :iconrainyhoney: for correcting the last name ;;

 Souta Yuuma (last, First)

Alias: Yuu, Kuma (Something like his code Name/Internet Name), Mayuu (only his little sister calls him that)

Age: 18 

Birthday:  31/03 


Weapon Choice:Baseball Bat 

Opinion On What Is Happening:  At the beginning he thought this was a joke and only a spam message, so he pushed the botton "Yes" only for some fun, but nothing happend, leaving him dissapointed. After waking up in the cold floor, looking around, he saw that it was no joke, and somehow, he liked the situation, now he's waiting for something to happend.

 Relationship's:  Family
Souta Mikure:Yuuma's little Sister, he loves her above anything else. She's the only one who understands him, and cares about him. She's his little precious thing, and he will protect her even if it cost his Life.
Souta Hirochi:Yuuma's Dad, he hates him totally, allways wanting Yuuma to be the best of the best, forcing him to be like that. He's glad that he doesn't have to see him anymore.
Souta Fujisaki: Yuuma's Mom, like his Father, he hates her, the same as his Father, she would only force him to be the best, so that she could say how "Amazing" his son is. 
Rabbit Doubt:-

  Fake Personality: || Happy || Social || always optimistic || loving || caring
Yuuma is always cheerful and happy, when he is around people.Never showing any sadness or any negative feelings at all.


Always trying to find new friends, Yuuma goes around being a social butterfly. Making more friends then he can count as he gets along with everyone.

always optimistic

He never shows any negative thoughts, no matter how hopeless a situation could be. Always seeming to think optimistic.


Seemingly to deeply care about his surroundings, he never fails to have a smile for people he calls close friends. He would go through hell and back for them

Yuuma is always deeply concerned about the well-being of his friends.Always showing when he thinks something wrong and will try to help this person out as good as he can.

Real Personality: || Loving* || Caring* || Sometimes distant || Not allways optimistic || Easily to be upsetted||

sometimes distant
Yuuma tries to keep his distance to people, never wanting them to be too close so they could see his real him. It will be hard to be considered as a close friend by him, as he will shut himself away being as distant as possible.

not always optimistic
Facing dangerous or negative emotionfilled situations, Yuuma will often think negativly about the outcome that might happen. Often thinking about the worst case situation that could happen.

Easily to be upsetted
If you say anything wrong, Yuuma can take it easily the wrong way. He will be angry at you, ruling on how badly you upsetted him, a apology might not be able to make him forgiving you.

*= He will only act like that with persons he loves /trust 

 Likes/ Dislikes:
♥Bears//Stuffed Bears
♥The color red
♥Baseball (That's why he picked the Baseball Bat at the first look)
♥Talking to people
♥His little sister

XTall people
XPeople than only want to be the best
XHis parents

 History: Yuuma lived pretty much in a normal family. His family always wanting his best for him, he always gave his best trying to make them happy with his studying, social life etc. Having a little sister, he tried to be some kind of idol for her, always being careful when making a decision. His parents were both really proud of their son and his way to live his life. Yuuma started to hate his parents, hating them for forcing him to be someone he doesn't want to be. He kept up his act, even though he got more and more distant. Once on his birthday his little sister got him a stuffed bear, which started his love for them. Always taking care of it as well as he takes care of his sister. He tries to protect her from their parents, not wanting them to force her to be someone she just isn't too. 
As they both grew older, he started to grow more hateful towards their parents, while he went more overprotective over his little sister. 
No one was allowed to go near her, if he didn't know them.
She never minded though, always feeling the most safe with her big brother around.

 -Voice example:…
-He was in a Baseball club in High School
-Is very overprotective with younger people ( especially girls, but boys too)
-Used to see blood 
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